His Treasured Possession

Setting out to encourage the younger generation, the author takes a vulnerable position by sharing her most unpleasant childhood experiences. She empowers us with the knowledge that God is ever ready to rescue us from any sort of trauma.
This book is designed to help you understand that God created you as His Treasured Possession. God’s plans for each person is far greater than the promises of men, so you don’t have to conform to the principles of men to be accepted. You are special and it is never too late to start a new journey, taking on your true identity with boldness from God.
Chapter One
Will give you an understanding of your true identity in Christ Jesus and how you should be seen in your everyday life.
Chapter Two
Covers my unfavourable experiences as a child, and I will also be shedding some light on the role of parents, according to biblical teaching.
Chapter Three
Takes you through my journey of relationships, giving you a better understanding of whether you are in a godly relationship or not, and what to do.
Chapter Four
Explores my educational experiences, why I think education is important for young girls, and why God wants us to be the best we can be.
Chapter Five
You will read about my new life in Jesus; how He gives me strength in my weaknesses and the grace to explore new things according to His plan for my life.
Chapter Six
You are being led to pray a heartfelt prayer to your Heavenly Father, who is ready to come into your heart and direct your path.

What people say about the book

A brilliant read!


Many things are said in the book which I saved to look back on when I feel weak. Those words made me feel strong as a person.

Edy Fratczak

Powerful & Uplifting


The level of grace embedded in the message that the book conveys most especially, to the younger generation is unbelievable.  

Temitope Omolade

Amazing & Honest Book


Amazing book! I believe that lives will be transformed and heaven will rejoice because of this single act of obedience.

Adeola Ogunade JP (Divine Favours)


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